electric maintenanceIt is always in your interest as the owner of real estate hiring the services of an electrician for electrical work that the work be done as swiftly as possible. This is to reduce the downtime if you are running a business and to reduce the inconvenience of not having full use of all your electrical appliances or devices if an electricity check is being conducted at your home. You would be especially interested in the swiftness of the services being rendered by an electrician if you are paying by the hour. But too speedy work can make for shoddy work, and to rush what should be careful and cautious preventive maintenance checks can end up sacrificing thoroughness for speed.

At the same time, there is something to be said for an electrician who can deliver quality work in a timely fashion. This is especially true for a business or an industrial plant facility where the downtime required for maintenance and repairs can mean great losses in income and profitability. So which should be more important, speed or thoroughness?

The thing to remember is that in any industry, electrical work included, speed only comes with time. It is far more important that a job is done thoroughly, even if it means sacrificing speed. This is inevitable if you are dealing with apprentice electricians or licensed electricians who are only just starting out in their business and wish to do a careful and thorough job. Or if they are new to any location which they are being asked to check out, they will need time to familiarize themselves with the electrical design and layout of the area. If you are calling them in because lights are flickering in a room, they would need time to investigate the matter and determine the underlying issues causing the problem.

Of course, the simpler solution would simply be to replace the light bulb, and this might even work for a few weeks or so before the lights begin flickering again. You may call in an electrician again, possibly a few more times, before you allow them the time to discover that the problem is caused by loose wiring. Thoroughness should be considered of greater importance over speed, especially when it comes to electrical work, where shoddy work could mean growing electrical issues and the creation of electrical dangers and hazards in your home or place of work and business. You may think that you are saving a great deal of money by rushing an electrician in his work, but if you keep having to bring in an electrician to do the same thing over and over again, you will end up spending more over time.

The ideal scenario, of course, would be if you were to hire an electrician who could deliver thorough work in a speedy manner, but be aware that this may not happen often. You would expect this kind of service to be delivered by one who has vast years of experience and who would probably know instinctively what the problem is and how to fix it, but even for experienced electricians, doing a thorough work will take time. If you are satisfied that you are hiring a competent, reliable and trustworthy electrician, be satisfied that they are doing their best to deliver thorough work with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Doing a proper job the first time, thus eliminating the need for a callback, or for the need to call in another electrician to look at and repair shoddy work that you have done, may be reason enough to be thorough if it means sacrificing speed. Taking shortcuts, on the other hand, is not only irresponsible but also dangerous.

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