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Electrical Services We Offer in Columbus Ohio

Residential Electrician

  • Electrical construction services

  • Remodeling

  • Appliance, phone and data wiring

  • Safety/code inspections

  • ....and much more!

Commerical Electrician

  • Emergency Electrical Services

  • Lighting and wiring

  • Appliance, phone and data wiring

  • Safety/code inspections

  • ....and much more!

We Are Your Preferred Electrician in Columbus Ohio

When you need Columbus Ohio electricians, choose the commercial and residential electrical specialists. Precision, safety, and client satisfaction are part of our work philosophy. You will benefit from our up-to-date industry knowledge and uncompromising professionalism.

We are here to meet your requirements. Call us for:

  • Electrical maintenance
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical installations

Don’t trust amateurs! We are bonded, insured and fully licensed, ensuring the safety of your electrical system. Just as children should not play with fire, unqualified individuals should not attempt the work of a qualified electrician.

Our fully qualified electricians are fully equipped for any task, be it large or small, and will exercise absolute diligence in the performance of every task they undertake. Speed and efficiency are important, but quality and safety are never compromised.

Get your completely quote today. We will visit your premises, evaluate the task, and provide a full quote including labor and material costs. Our quote is binding and there will never be unapproved additional charges. Should we notice additional issues during the course of our work, we will inform you immediately and will not undertake the task without your full approval.

Our reputation is our greatest asset, and you may be certain that we will uphold it when fulfilling your contract. Join the ranks of satisfied domestic and commercial customers who have chosen us as their local electricians of choice.


How To Select A Reliable Electrician in Columbus OH

Get Sometimes, the lowest quote isn’t the best quote. Shoddy workmanship can cost you hundreds of dollars in the long run – and when it comes to electricity, your property could even face fire risks.

Since we’re sure you’ll be shopping around, we’d like to help you to make the best choice when evaluating estimates from Columbus Ohio electricians & electrical contractors. And in case you were wondering: we check all the boxes and will be happy to show you how we do it!

  1. Choose a service that comes with unreserved recommendations from people with no commercial motive. Don’t just take our word for it! Ask our clients! Our consistent service excellence is well-known in Columbus.
  2. Find unbiased reviews on third-party websites like Yelp. Since many people only comment when service is poor, you are sure to track down any negative reviews with ease. Did the electricians leave the site in good order? Were repairs and installations safe and effective? Was the service courteous?
  3. Never make verbal agreements with electrical contractors. A professional firm will provide you with a detailed quote explaining exactly what you are getting in return for your money. Check the fine print! A quote should be a binding document that will remain unchanged unless you alter your work specifications and accept a new one.
  4. Ask for proof of credentials. Electricians are highly trained artisans and should have qualifications and licensing to back them up. Liability insurance is also important. Householders and businesses can be held liable for any workplace accidents occurring on their premises if it is not in place. There should also be insurance to cover any damage to property. License numbers are easily checked
  5. Go with your gut. You’ll already have formed an impression after first contact, and this will be reinforced (either positively or negatively) by the technician who handles your quote. If you feel uncomfortable regarding the company, its people, or their skills, do not consider using them. Gut feel could be wrong, but it is very often 100% correct!

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We Are Ready And Qualified To Tackle Any Job In The Following Areas Of Expertise:


All of our electricians are experienced professionals. You won’t pay for their time when requesting a quote, and they will view your project from a purely professional angle – it is not their job to make additional sales above and beyond what you really need done.

Most of us are so accustomed to the convenience of electricity that it becomes a disaster when the power supply is affected. If you have a business, your financial losses could be substantial. If you are a homeowner, your comfort will be adversely affected. That’s why we treat all call-outs for electrical supply interruptions as emergencies. We won’t leave you in the dark!

We can also work with you to determine what measures would be appropriate to prevent interruptions to your power supply. For example, a generator could be the answer to your need for power supply continuity when there are local power failures.

Electrical installations are straightforward and professional when you choose us. For example, you may want to secure your property with energy-efficient outdoor lighting, or you may want emergency lighting that will work when the power supply is down.

However, as previously noted, a generator can keep you powered up when others are without power supply. We can set up your generator so that it automatically kicks in when there is a power supply interruption.

Homeowners, and businesses have relied on Electrician Columbus Ohio electrical specialists for years. We build lasting relationships with our customer, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Experience true professionalism.


Commercial electrical contractors enjoy meeting the challenge of providing for the unique needs of businesses. As a professional, you not only need convenient access to multiple power outlets to keep your staff productive, you also need absolute workplace safety. This extends to a wide range of commercial electrical installation needs including emergency lighting, comfortable office lighting and well-lit parking areas and walkways.

For the business-person, limiting costs is a great way of boosting profits. We will be happy to evaluate the energy efficiency of your current installations and equipment, recommending low-energy-demand substitutes when necessary. That’s good for the planet, and it’s also great for your bottom line. Sometimes, saving energy could be as simple as installing sensors that will turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied. In addition, LED lighting could save your business hundreds of dollars.

Businesses can suffer significant losses in terms of productivity when the power goes off, so consider getting a generator installed, especially if you are subject to regular power outages. Keep working when businesses around you have ground to a halt.

Are you:

  • Redesigning office floorplans?
  • Installing safety features in compliance with legislation?
  • Seeking to eliminate power failures?
  • Hoping to reduce running costs?

Whatever your electrical task requirements, we’re ready to uphold our reputation as highly professional commercial electrical contractors, meeting your needs with utmost professionalism.

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